ALA Midwinter Day 3

Last night I attended the Council Reception, where I had the opportunity to meet some of my fellow Councilors and talk informally about what Council is like. I think having less formal networking opportunities before getting down to business is a great way for people like me to get in the swing of things. At the reception, I was able to talk informally with ALA President Barbara Stripling about the lawsuits currently faced by libraries in Kentucky. I hope my colleagues in Kentucky will be comforted by the fact that President Stripling shared my concerns about what the outcomes of those lawsuits could mean for Kentucky libraries. We also spoke briefly about the petition that was circulated in Pulaski County to dissolve the library taxing district in 2012 (this petition was dropped soon after the November 2012 election). I firmly believe that what affects one library affects all libraries, so I find it encouraging that what our libraries in Kentucky are facing is on the minds of library leaders nationally.

This morning I attended Council I, which could be called Introduction to Council if it were a college course. The meeting began with a review of the rules of order and introductions of special guests, including KLA President Brenda Metzger and President-Elect Laura Whayne. After introductions, we heard reports from officers. A task force to determine the best mode of communication for Council documents was created, but both of the other resolutions on the agenda were postponed to Council II.

I was still a little overwhelmed at Council I, but I’m still excited to be serving in this capacity. I think meeting and talking with my fellow Councilors has made it easier, and getting to know some of the other first-time Councilors has helped me feel less like I’m in the deep end with no life preserver.

For those who are interested, all current Council documents are available here.


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